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GBG Website Redesign: The Essentials

“Most of what we say and do is not essential. If you can eliminate it, you’ll have more time, and more tranquility. Ask yourself at every moment, ‘Is this necessary?’”

This quote from Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor from the second century CE, sums up the attitude we were all feeling as a company in 2022. We had challenged ourselves to make more impact with our clients faster, spending less time doing foundational branding work and more time driving results. We had also fully integrated EOS around this time, which helped us realize that we needed to simplify. 

After doing a lot of hard work on our processes and approach (and seeing our clients respond positively), we realized that our website no longer reflected the experience and expertise that we delivered to our clients. We also saw an opportunity to strip out the fluff and focus solely on the main things prospective clients care about: how we can ease their pain points and help them succeed and the proof that we’ll be successful. 

Building for Today, Laying Groundwork for the Future

Our goals for the website included the following:

  • Drive marketing and sales-qualified leads for GBG
  • Be a valuable resource for sales and marketing professionals in manufacturing to help them do their jobs better and more easily, whether they work with us or not
  • Accurately reflect the current experience of the GBG sales process and what it’s like to be a client
  • Showcase up-to-date work so that prospects can get a taste of our quality

When building anything—an aircraft engine, a house, a website—it’s important to start with the essentials. Our team couldn’t help but come up with a million ideas of things we should include on the site, but ultimately, we made our sitemap as simple as possible to increase our speed to launch and still achieve our goals.

Instead of organizing our services into à la carte-style pages, we created a Solutions page for prospects that speaks to the common goals and challenges we most often hear from industrial sales and marketing professionals. We built the architecture of this page to allow expansion deeper into individual tactics we deploy in campaigns and programs later.

The Our Work section of the site features filtering functionality, allowing users to view projects by type, services rendered, and the deliverables included.

Essential Knowledge + More Energy

Simplifying our processes and adopting EOS breathed new life into our team, and we punched up our visuals to reflect this renewed energy. We incorporated a simple shapes motif to represent how we break complex problems down to the essentials, solving for root causes and building marketing systems that work. We also brightened our color palette to reflect the positivity, drive, and growth mindset all our go!mates share.

What’s Next: Website 2.0

Now that we’ve built a solid foundation with a website that reflects what prospects can expect when working with us, we are working in the background on the next evolution of our site to bring even more value to our audiences. 

Recently launched, our 5-minute marketing assessment helps users get a sense of the current state of their marketing systems with a customized, actionable, research-backed report. We are also working on producing additional insights articles that answer the questions we are asked most frequently by industrial sales and marketing professionals.

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Our Work

Igniting Momentum: ÅirIQ Product Launch

About Cosasco

INDUSTRY: Atmospheric Corrosion Monitoring

Cosasco has been exclusively dedicated to corrosion management for over 70 years. They have a strong history of proven product and service solutions as well as a commitment to continue advancing the corrosion industry through innovation and expertise.


Messaging, design, and strategic product launch of the ÅirIQ product


Units Sold


Units Quoted

What is ÅirIQ?

One type of corrosion that affects pulp and paper mill and data center environments specifically is atmospheric corrosion. Cosasco created ÅirIQ to help customers in these industries make better decisions about their corrosion management activities. What sets ÅirIQ apart is the hypersensitive electrical resistance technology (which indicates a corrosive environment before damage to assets can occur) coupled with the system’s ability to display real-time data.

This real-time monitoring helps ÅirIQ users stay ahead of corrosion, instead of spending time and resources fixing a problem after it has already occurred. This type of technology and information is game-changing for directors and engineers responsible for controlled environments.

Positioning and Launching ÅirIQ

Every project at goBRANDgo! starts with learning. We met with subject matter experts at Cosasco to learn the features and benefits of the product and gain a better understanding of the target audiences we were trying to reach. We were especially eager to learn about the audience for ÅirIQ because it represented an opportunity for Cosasco to penetrate new markets. Prior to launching ÅirIQ and a few other recent products, they had worked primarily in the oil and gas industry. We needed to ask a lot of questions to gain insight into the audiences of pulp and paper mills and data centers.

To get inside our prospects’ heads, we led a live rapid persona exercise with Cosasco where we delved into the problems, motivations, and desired outcomes for the different audiences they served. 

Once we had a good grasp on the differentiators of the product and the challenges of the audience, we brainstormed how copy and design could work together to create a compelling message. We presented three creative approaches and painted the picture for Cosasco about how each of them could come to life in the launch campaign and future messaging for ÅirIQ. We created sample ads with differing visuals and copy to illustrate what each idea could look like out in the wild.

Once we decided on the messaging and creative direction for the launch, our creative, strategy, and client success teams worked together to create a series of a deliverables and a plan for deployment. We decided that a mixture of traditional sales enablement tools and digital marketing tactics would give Cosasco the multi-channel support they needed to make the launch a success.

Deliverables we executed included:

  • Website Landing Page
  • Website Pop-Up
  • Sales Sheet
  • Digital Ads

The creative approach we landed on used both dark and light backgrounds to bring contrast with Cosasco’s existing visuals for other corrosion monitoring products, which featured mostly dark backgrounds. Since the launch had to appeal to markets outside of Cosasco’s core oil and gas audience, the visual differentiation helped solidify the uniqueness of the ÅirIQ product.

The visuals also incorporated an angular, all-caps sans serif typeface that lent a technological feel, along with other design elements reminiscent of data, which reflect both the capabilities of the ÅirIQ system and the data center environment that it is well suited for (among others). 

We began creating copy inspired by the idea of “invisible monsters,” threats lurking in the atmosphere just waiting to take down critical assets. We wove this concept into the content of the entire campaign, speaking to the way that ÅirIQ’s real-time data replaces uncertainty with confidence in controlled environments—making the unse




Customer Trials


Cosasco secured the first purchase order for ÅirIQ on the date of the product launch. In the three weeks that followed, they had sold 15 units, quoted over 40 units and had secured leads for 120 units. Three customers signed up for trials, and they were invited to speak at a few industry conferences about the product and its capabilities.

Protecting critical infrastructure from the harmful effects of corrosion keeps modern life as we know it up and running. After the momentum gained by this product launch, we’re continuing to work with Cosasco to refine their brand identity and reclaim their position as the go-to provider for corrosion monitoring solutions worldwide.

“Bringing a Cutting-Edge Corrosion Monitoring System to New Markets”


Our Work

Equipping Success: Banner Fire Website

About Banner Fire Equipment

INDUSTRY: Fire Equipment Distribution

Banner Fire has been equipping firefighters and emergency responders across the Midwest with best-in-class fire and rescue apparatus, gear, and tools for nearly four decades. Their modern 39,000-square-foot facility ensures they have what emergency responders need to protect their communities.


Updated website and e-commerce experience that helps emergency responders get what they need quickly.


Manual Hours Saved


Cost Savings

Equipping for Success

Banner Fire has been equipping first responders and firefighters with the tools they need to protect their communities for nearly four decades. Their 39,000-square-foot facility houses everything an emergency responder needs to get the job done safely, from parts and service to testing and inspections.

The team at Banner Fire had a vision: to be the Amazon for firefighters and first responders to make it as fast and easy for these community heroes to access the equipment they need to stay safe while saving lives. In order to do this, they sought to improve the e-commerce functionality on their website to better integrate with their ERP system. This would make their large inventory and newly expanded product offerings available to customers online, providing an easier buying experience and better access to their full suite of products.

The Project

Improving Automation to Save Time and Reduce Error Risk

Banner Fire warehouses approximately 8,000 products on any given day. To be effective, they needed to bring more automation to the integration between their ERP system and the e-commerce functionality on the website. Prior to this project, Banner Fire team members worked daily with the ERP to pull any information that had changed (prices, descriptions, titles, SKU numbers, manufacturer updates, etc.), and manually entered changes into the e-commerce platform, a time-consuming and error-prone process.

Enhancing Experiences

To reflect Banner Fire’s position as a market leader and align with their vision of becoming the Amazon for first responders, the UI/UX of the e-commerce functionality needed to be simplified and streamlined. We also saw the opportunity to enhance Banner Fire’s brand to better tell the story of the problems they solved every day for firefighters and first responders so that they could build deeper connections with their audience.

Understanding the Market

After leading our Winning Zone and persona workshops with Banner Fire and conducting independent research, we learned how decision-makers in the fire industry shop for equipment. Understanding this buyer’s journey allowed us to make better decisions in shaping the user flows and UI/UX of the Banner Fire website.

On the marketing side of the website, we also worked to flesh out the parts and services content and online experience. While parts and services were once viewed at Banner Fire as a separate branch, they have since been integrated with the organization as a whole, and we brought that integration to life with the website redesign and restructure.

Automating Processes for Accurate Lead Times

Working directly with Banner Fire’s ERP provider, we set up a system that would check for updates every night, and then push those changes to the e-commerce portion of the site. Now, any time a price, product description, SKU, or other product information changes, the site automatically shows the most up-to-date information for more accurate lead times. Some equipment used by first responders comes with long lead times, so having accurate lead times on the site helps Banner Fire customers make informed decisions and understand expectations for when products will arrive.

Updating the Look and Feel

Automated processes? Check. An easier, more navigable user experience? Check. From a back-end perspective, Banner Fire’s site saw an elevated presence that not only streamlined processes but presented information in a way that makes sense. But first impressions count, and we wanted to ensure their site’s look and feel complimented the functionality.

Banner Fire has always been a team that’s proud to serve those who serve their communities during emergency situations. With the website redesign, we incorporated cinematic imagery that captures the bravery and dedication of the firefights and first responders that Banner Fire supports. We also introduced a refreshed color palette that modernized the brand and allowed us to draw more attention to strategic calls to action.


Bounce Rate Decline


Page Session Increase


Before the launch of the new e-commerce-ERP integration, creating or updating a single product would take as long as 10 minutes for a Banner Fire team member. The more than 8,000 products Banner Fire offers would add up to nearly 1,300 hours of manual work! By creating an automated inventory process, Banner Fire’s website has provided approximately $200k in labor cost efficiencies, with that number growing as new products are added and updated.

Since the launch of the site, we’ve seen more meaningful user engagement. Pages per Session has increased by 4.08% and the Bounce Rate has declined by 10.53%.

“We want to be the Amazon of fire equipment.”

Our Work

HOLT Electrical Supplies

The passion and energy of this full-line electrical distributor is unmatched anywhere in their area. We infused the brand identity with the same swagger, confidence, and dedication to customers success that has kept HOLT thriving since 1960.


To create a bold brand that reflected the fierce dedication HOLT shows to their customers and the community they serve

Shedding Light on HOLT’s Competitive Advantage

Our goal was to capture and communicate the energy that HOLT’s team and customers knew and turn it into a results-generating asset. we began by constructing the strategic building blicks of HOLT’s brand platform-conducting research on their competitors, interviewing customers, and learning their business inside and out. While the fuller picture was coming together , we dover right into tactical deliverables like press releases and promotional communications.

Our goal was to capture and communicate the energy that HOLT’s team and customers knew and turn it into a results-generating asset.

Our Work

Shapiro Metals

Evolving from a scrap metal recycling company to a total sustainability solutions partner is quite a journey. We partnered with Shapiro to help them elevate the brand and communicate the transparency and partnership that is the heartbeat of the organization. Using bold visual motifs and customer-centric, forward looking language, we helped to differentiate the divisions of Shapiro to serve unique markets and better communicate each one’s value proposition in digital and traditional marketing efforts.


To set the stage for the company’s transition from scrap metal recycler to sustainability leader

Our Work

National Shunt

NSSL has been leading the yard management industry since its founding by a family of former shunt drivers in the late 1980s. The company’s “roll up your sleeves” culture fueled its growth from local shunting provider to international logistics leader. We worked with the NSSL team to update the company’s branding and website to reflect its dedication to people, technology, and results. The company’s new tagline, Every Move Counts, has inspired NSSL team members at all levels to amplify their impact and provide service that’s unrivaled in their industry.


To reveal the dedication that NSSL has to driving results for its customers through operational excellence in yard management while showcasing its dedication to its people

Our Work

Ingenuity Revealed: LMC Industries Website


INDUSTRY: Contract Manufacturing

LMC Industries is a contract manufacturing company that produces metal stampings, plastic injection moldings, and overmolded parts for OEMs and tiered suppliers in the automotive, agricultural, medical, and consumer products industries.


Updated brand and website that accurately represents the innovation of LMC Industries


increase in page views


Increase in pages per session

Ingenuity Revealed

LMC Industries is a contract manufacturing company that produces metal stampings, plastic injection moldings, and overmolded parts for OEMs and tiered suppliers in the automotive, agricultural, medical, and consumer products industries. Founded in 1945, LMC Industries has been responsible for inventing and producing many of the products we consider commonplace today. Have you ever squirted a can of Reddi-Whip directly into your mouth at midnight in front of the refrigerator? You can thank LMC for that satisfying experience—they invented the plastic valve that makes it possible!

The Challenge

The incredible innovation that was happening inside the company’s four walls was hiding behind a website and brand that needed a shot of energy. Another challenge facing the business was the increasingly commoditized nature of metal stampings in particular and the tendency of customers to make purchasing decisions based solely on price. The brand and website needed to help LMC capture the attention of quality-driven prospective customers that were looking to solve tough manufacturing problems. As the quality standards of OEMs and tiered suppliers continue to evolve, and as industry regulations become more stringent, the technical proficiency of LMC will become increasingly more important in the markets they serve.

The Solution

After researching LMC’s competitors, interviewing several customers, and learning more about the nuts and bolts of the company’s services, we built new brand messaging and a visual identity framework. The new brand system featured customer-focused language with a conversational approach to technical subject matter and visuals that conveyed depth, energy, and precision engineering.

Once we established the brand system, we got to work planning and building the new company website. The first step we took was to establish the goals of the project.

Project Goals

  • Increase qualified website traffic and generate qualified marketing leads
  • Position LMC as an expert in designing for manufacturability
  • Create an editable site that is expandable over time
  • Optimize On-Site SEO to generate more organic traffic
  • Position LMC Industries as a sought-after place of employment

When building the sitemap, we created a structure that would allow room for growth for future capabilities that LMC may offer in the future while making it easy for users to find content relevant to their needs. We designed the landing and archive pages in a way that would allow us to run digital campaigns showcasing several sets of related services together.

To build effective content and showcase LMC’s services, we also spent some time at their facility interviewing subject matter experts and taking photographs. We spent a whole day talking with team members in leadership, human resources, quality, production, and engineering to build on our existing knowledge of the business—and our content team was able to execute the full site’s worth of content from a single day’s worth of interviews.

To showcase the engineering prowess of LMC, we took photos of real parts that had been made in their facility to feature on the website. Having these real photographs helped us visually demonstrate the complexity of the problems that LMC is able to solve. We also captured additional imagery of LMC’s operations and team members to convey the sense of pride and dedication that is central to the company’s culture. On the site, we used custom overlays on many of the photos to reflect the signature look of the new LMC brand identity system.


Increase in session duration


Reduction in bounce rate

Driving Marketing Leads

The previous website had a generic contact form as the only means of capturing user information. When form submissions came in, they would reach a general inbox and a team member would have to forward the inquiry to the appropriate department. We implemented a Request a Quote form on the new site, allowing prospects and customers to send a quote request directly to the sales team. This helps create a better experience for prospects and customers, because sales reps can now view the requests as soon as they’re sent and respond to the customer in a timely manner.

Positioning LMC as an Expert 

We built a Knowledge Center for LMC and packed it with case studies and articles that not only help educate customers, but also create organic traffic opportunities and provide content for social media posts.

Optimizing Onsite SEO

When writing content for the site, we researched which keywords are associated with LMC’s industry and competitors, then worked those keywords into the site’s content. We also made sure photos were tagged appropriately to help them show up in image searches and ultimately push more traffic to the site.

Targeting Potential Employees

LMC Industries is made up of more than machines and technology–it’s full of people who are passionate about the work they’re doing. That’s why we created a Careers section on the new site where prospective employees could learn about the company, what it’s like to work at LMC, the benefits available and open positions.

The Results

Since launch, the data tells a clear story that the updated website is doing a much better job at engaging users:

  • 57.4% increase in page views
  • 29.6% increase in session duration
  • 20.7% increase in pages per session
  • 10.5% reduction in bounce rate

The site has also generated about 10 goal completions (fancy marketer speak for leads captured) per month in the first four months since go!-live, with data trending upwards as the site gains greater visibility. 

We are continuing to create SEO-optimized thought leadership content for the website by publishing articles in the Knowledge Center, which are then shared on the company’s LinkedIn channel and sent to subscribers in an email newsletter. With each piece of content, we also strengthen the internal linking across the entire site, which is another SEO best practice.

Today, LMC Industries has a digital presence that reflects the spirit of innovation and ingenuity that makes the company special. We’re proud to have been a part of positioning another American manufacturing company for growth and success.

“Building a Brand that Reflects the Energy & Innovative Spirit of LMC”