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Optimizing Your Careers Page for Recruitment in Manufacturing

Recruitment is more competitive than ever amid the pandemic and Great Resignation era, and any company wanting to gain a competitive edge and attract today’s top industry talent needs robust hiring tactics. 

For the manufacturing and distribution companies we’ve worked with, refining the hiring process is crucial for improving the quality and quantity of applicants. A great first step in every winning recruitment strategy is refreshing the Careers page on your website. This page is an important marketing tool, much like the rest of your site. It tells candidates who you are and why they should want to work for you. Filling this page with the right content is key to maximizing impact. 

4 Things Every Careers Page Needs

Well-rounded Job Descriptions

Effective job descriptions help a candidate visualize themselves in a role. It’s important to tell them about a day in the life at your company, and how they might be able to grow long-term within this position. Try to imagine what the perfect candidate’s personal and professional aspirations might be, and speak to those. The job post should give enough detail about the ins and outs of the position that, after reading, the ideal candidate will think “this is the job for me.”

It’s also important to include which skills and training are required for the position and which ones would be nice to have. Separating these skills out in the job description helps candidates decide if they’re qualified for the job before submitting an application. This will help reduce the number of unqualified applicants and save your team time in the hiring process. 

Alternative Job Titles

One tactic we’ve used at goBRANDgo! with great success is experimenting with different job titles. Job titles for similar positions tend to vary by industry, and sometimes from company to company. The candidates who are searching online for jobs are likely using the same variety of job titles for a similar type of position. 

By using multiple titles for the same role across different platforms (including our Careers page, social media, and other listings) we’ve been able to pull in more high-quality candidates for interviews. It may help to work closely with your human resources department when trying to identify what all the potential titles are.

Celebration of Company Culture

Since most manufacturing and distribution companies offer similar pay, companies have to find different ways to compete for talent. One way to set your company apart is to promote your company culture.

What do your current employees say about your company and why do they stick around?

That’s a good litmus test for knowing your company’s culture. The Careers page on your website is a great place to share details about your culture with prospective employees. You can also include your mission statement, vision, company values, and other details to help give the general “vibe” of the company.

List of Unique Benefits

The industrial manufacturing and distribution industry has some unique qualities over other businesses, and with those come some unique perks.

Think beyond standard benefits like insurance, paid time off, or 401k matching. What makes your company unique?

Do you provide uniforms and other required attire (shirts, pants, boots, etc.) for employees? Or, perhaps a stipend to offset uniform costs? 

Do employees get paid for initial training? Do you offer annual bonuses or other growth opportunities? 

Benefits like these show how much you value your employees, and how invested you are in their personal growth. All of this can make all the difference for someone who’s starting at a company and will go a long way in encouraging more candidates to apply.

We know getting this process started can feel overwhelming and sometimes a visual aid helps provide some inspiration! Here are a couple of partners we’ve worked with to revamp their Career pages and give them a leg-up on the competition: HOLT Electrical Supply and LMC Industries.

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