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Why We Love Manufacturing & Distribution

We’ve always been geeks for facts. All we need to stave off boredom is an internet connection and Wikipedia. 

We’ve also always wanted to do work that matters. Whether it matters because it moves people to feel something, drives business results, or makes others laugh, making an impact is necessary for fulfillment. 

We know that all businesses make a difference in some way. Every product and service out there solves a problem for someone. But the manufacturing and distribution sectors as a whole solve problems for everyone. In fact, we can think of at least ten reasons why you should hug a metallurgist right now (do so at your own risk!). 

The amazing thing about working with people in this category is that we get to reveal the genius behind what the everyday consumer thinks of as ordinary things. Consider the seat belt, the Chicken McNugget, the aluminum foil in your pantry—it takes an entire supply chain of people doing the best work of their lives and caring a whole, whole lot to bring them all home (and to make sure they don’t kill you—again, hug a metallurgist already). 

Not only is it a ton of fun working with manufacturers and distributors, but one of the things we love the most about them is how much gratitude they inspire in us. For the products they make, the jobs they provide, the communities they support…and that’s why we’re so passionate about helping them succeed. Because without them, this thing we call modern life just doesn

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