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Multilanguage Website for Global Heat Treatment Manufacturer

About the Client

INDUSTRY: Expertly engineered vacuum and atmosphere furnaces

This client is a global manufacturer of heat treatment furnaces, industrial vacuum furnaces, atmosphere furnaces, and supervisory controls for thermal processing markets. Some of these markets include aerospace, automotive, medical, and commercial heat treaters with their customer bases being primarily in the U.S., Germany, and Asia.


Created a new website with a fresh and modern feel with an enhanced user experience and specialized translation for global customers.


User Increase


Session Increase

The Project

Combining, Streamlining, and Enhancing UX

A key objective of this project was to merge six separate websites into a single global site that could be translated into many languages so that customers in any market across the world could access the same enhanced experience and content. The consolidation of six sites into one also meant that the client’s marketing team could streamline its website update process — only having to make updates in one place instead of across six different sites.

As a category leader in heat treatment technology, the new website needed to showcase its products in a way that did justice to their quality and innovation. We worked with a 3D rendering artist to bring furnace schematics to life that demonstrated the complexity and scale of the client’s engineering capabilities.

Finally, the site needed a restructuring of its sitemap to simplify user paths and drive more conversions. We worked with the client to create intuitive user journeys, ensuring that each session would be guided toward a particular goal. We also stripped back the amount of content on the site to reduce the opportunity for translation errors and create a modern, sleek experience across all copy and visuals.

The Rebrand

In conjunction with the website design and build, we took the opportunity to assist this client in a branding refresh that would support their growth into the future. 

Working with the client’s red and white palette, we introduced a tertiary dark navy blue to bring warmth, depth, and dimension. Red, white, and blue can often feel very “USA” if designers aren’t careful, but this combination was paired with light grayscale elements and deployed strategically so that the colors play well together in any market.

Evoking the client’s custom engineering capabilities and strong German influence, we selected a new premium typeface for headlines and headers to be used across the site: Halvar Breitschrift. This typeface was created by a German artist and delivers both gravitas and easy readability for both online and print applications. We even took the type a step further by creating a few custom ligatures that gave the font an even more customized feel.

Nothing Lost In Translation

Multilanguage functionality was a key feature of the new site. One of our objectives was to prevent unintentional errors that can sometimes occur when using automated translations for highly technical terms.

On the new site, we implemented advanced translation software that can understand idioms and expressions, ensuring that the copy rendered truly makes sense to users, no matter what their language.


New User Increase


Request Forms Submitted Increa


Sites merged into one


Since the launch of the new site, the client continues to see a growing increase in users, traffic, page views, and conversions.

“We wanted to create a website with a new age, modern feel for customers globally.”

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