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Sodick Rebrand: Advancement by Design

Sodick, Inc. is a global manufacturer of EDM and additive manufacturing machine tools, known in the sector for delivering the highest possible precision for parts that require fine detailing and the tightest tolerances. They partnered with us to refresh their brand presence in the US market.

With a brand identity that did not truly represent the innovation and advancement inside the company, we embarked on the project with the goal of making a splash at the influential IMTS 2022 trade show. Another key initiative of the partnership was to improve the website experience with valuable content that highlighted not only Sodick’s machines but also its full line of EDM consumables.

Sodick Verbal Identity: Spending Words Wisely

GBG conducted in-depth brand research and developed the “Advancement by Design” tagline to convey Sodick’s spirit of pioneering innovation with purpose, and then crafted Sodick’s brand voice to align with that ethos. The copy style utilizes crisp, minimal language, and its strategic brevity focuses the messaging on Sodick’s core differentiators without unnecessary embellishments. The writing aims to convey pragmatism and purposefulness in describing manufacturing advancements in the context of how they solve customer problems and help them achieve their goals.

Sodick Visual Identity: Cinematic, Yet Minimal

The streamlined verbal identity complements the sleek visual branding for a cohesive and consistent brand experience. Sodick’s visual identity centers on a minimal yet cinematic aesthetic to let the advanced technology shine. The color palette strategically incorporates a new Sodick green gradient to show energy and forward motion. This lively green pops against dark-mode photography. The strategic use of color and composition in the visual identity brings the essence of “advancement by design” to life.

The Debut and Beyond

The sleek, technology-forward Sodick rebrand was a hit at IMTS 2022. Web traffic and social engagement increased as the new website rolled out additional features and content over time. The sales team eagerly participated in case studies and testimonials to share the brand story. With a consistent identity matching the advanced machinery, Sodick’s refreshed brand continues to gain traction with its manufacturing audience.

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