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Collaboration and Strategic Project Library Bring NewGround’s Website to Life

In early 2019, our friends at NewGround engaged goBRANDgo! to design and build a new website featuring a refreshed brand identity, a full library of projects, and a robust Research & Insight section featuring the firm’s notable thought leadership. 

NewGround is an architecture firm regarded as the industry thought-leader in strategy, innovative design, and project management. They help financial institutions master the power of their space to create the next generation workplace and retail solutions. What makes NewGround different from other design firms is that they create measurable return-on-investment for institutions due to a strategic, data-driven, menu-based approach. From workplace strategy to project management, and from micro-branches to corporate headquarters, NewGround has been known as the market leader in the bank-building category since the company took root over 100 years ago. 

Having established a new brand voice, messaging, and key visual elements, NewGround engaged goBRANDgo! to translate its refreshed identity into their new website experience. 

Showcasing NewGround’s Expertise

NewGround offers a wide variety of services that can be combined into full-scale, end-to-end solutions or be used on their own to deliver other strategic outcomes. To demonstrate the flexibility of NewGround’s “menu-based” approach and showcase real-world results, the goBRANDgo! team set out to create a project library that would be featured prominently on the site.

The goBRANDgo! team also conducted interactive exercises with NewGround’s team to obtain the necessary information (along with independent research) needed to identify the key audiences for the new site, which would then inform the structure of the project library. Through insightful questioning and research discovery, we identified three key audiences—each with different motivations and values. 

To make finding relevant information easier for users, we decided to create a robust filtering system for NewGround’s project library. Projects can be filtered by service, scope, and area of expertise, or a combination of all three. 

Once the user clicks on a single project, they can view a gallery of images showcasing NewGround’s work and easily download an expanded PDF with the project’s information and images. They also can view a full list of services provided by NewGround on each project, with links that take them to explore more about each individual service. 

A Refreshed Identity for the Next Generation of Design

NewGround partners with financial institutions and retail environments to help them transform to meet consumer needs and improve the employee experience. Its new brand identity features airy white space, vibrant colors, and a bold, sans-serif typeface that exudes modernity. 

Taking inspiration from NewGround’s expertise, we crafted the website design with clarity, light, and ease—the same principles that govern architecture, while the clean design serves and uplifts the imagery of NewGround’s work.

The brand voice comes across as sophisticated yet accessible, conveying complex concepts in a way that’s easy to understand for the reader. Its short sentences and bold statements straightforwardly communicate NewGround’s value proposition. 


Through collaboration and data gathering, we were able to deliver a site for NewGround that organized their wealth of expertise in a visually appealing, user-friendly manner. Now, NewGround is able to provide a web experience that aligns with the vibrant innovation that comprises the core of the organization. 

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