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In the era of Big Data, it’s often cost prohibitive for mid-market companies to make good use of that data, particularly for marketing teams


an increase in web sessions of 19%, and that leads increased to 58% and sales-qualified leads were up 67%


New Customers


Reactivated New Customers Generated from Web Forms

The Challenge: Plenty of Data…But How Do We Know What’s Working?

Marketing professionals are tasked with brand messaging and increasing traffic across numerous platforms (social, web, media, etc.), as well as sales enablement (drip campaigns, online content, lead generation).

This particular client has a collaborative marketing team that works closely with sales. Keeping those teams on the same page is critical, especially when it comes to sales conversion. Marketing was increasing web traffic, but it wasn’t necessarily clear as to how that traffic was translating into sales and conversions.

Marketing always involves a fair amount of experimentation. The only real way to know which creative campaigns are working is by measuring each individual data point. Often, those data points sit on different third-party apps; bringing them together is time consuming, and there are plenty of opportunities for good information (and leads) to fall through the cracks.

Monitoring and measuring all of that data is a challenge for everyone, both sales and marketing, and nothing is more important to building successful sales metrics than alignment.

Because we have a close relationship with this client, we were able to educate them about the advantages of a customized marketing dashboard, and how it improves collaboration between sales and marketing. By keeping those teams on the same page, it’s far easier for the company to reach its overall sales goals and objectives. Dashboards are critical, but aggregating data and leveraging it to make tangible insights and recommendations can sometimes prove to be a major challenge for a large company.

goBRANDgo! Client Dashboard: Visual Data Tracking

The goBRANDgo! team and the client collaborated closely to determine the most important metrics to capture, and then worked backward to streamline reporting in an easy-to-manage, digestible digital dashboard.

We customized a marketing dashboard that visualized and tracked data to measure the efficacy of each marketing and sales effort as part of goBRANDgo! Market Intelligence services.

The client dashboard view makes it easy to read and process every click, request, and web visit pulled from various plugins and programs (search, email campaigns, targeted ads, etc.). The client’s sales and marketing leadership team then uses the data culled from the website, CRM, and other sources to display all of these data sets, and uses these metrics to measure the health of marketing/sales efforts.

Results: Confident, Metric-Led Budgets and Tactics

The company now has more confidence about where to focus their marketing efforts. The resulting increase in ROI helps them attain their goals and measure success throughout the sales funnel. Once more, goBRANDgo! generates this high value tool at a price point that makes it accessible for mid-market manufacturing and distribution companies, enabling better sales and messaging for privately owned businesses throughout our region.

By marrying all of this data together, our client was able to track specific upticks in new clients, sales, targeted leads, and improved accuracy in measuring ROI. The dashboard tracked:

Definitive Sales Improvements

The dashboard itself tracks not just leads, but qualified leads and how they relate to the overall sales process. By combing through key metrics like measuring leads compared to sessions, leads to qualified leads, and new opportunities, the marketing team could reveal the results of specific activities.

After the dashboard was implemented, the client was able to confirm that web activity generated:

  • 19 New Customers
  • 5 Reactivated New Customers generated from Web Forms
  • An increase in web sales of 66% and profits of 71% YOY
  • Online Marketing Insights

While it’s often relatively straightforward to measure increased web traffic, it’s usually difficult to narrow down how that traffic is generated, let alone if it led to sales.

Our client confirmed an increase in web sessions of 19%, and that leads increased to 58% and sales-qualified leads were up 67%.

Effective Campaign Capturing and Measurement

As advisors to our client’s web marketing strategies, we were also able to capture relevant data about the success of those various promotional campaigns. Together, we learned that an effective Woodpecker email drip campaign resulted in seven new leads. LinkedIn postings generated 28 new applications from only three posts.

Using competitive keyword targeting and email form requests led to 106 form completions.

Finally, with all of this intelligence managed in a single source, they were able to calculate an extremely cost-effective CPL.


In web sales


Profits YOY

This knowledge set presents immediate insights into not just where to spend, but how and when to spend. We never thought we’d have a tool like this with our resources.

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